1. Scheduler Tool – Making Family Time a Priority Again

    SaferNet provides many features for parental controls and cyber security, but one of our best features is the Unlimited Scheduler. The benefits of this scheduler is to create time with your family that devices could take away from, or as a daily tool to help your kids stay on a set schedule.   Using the Scheduler Tool for Family Time: Do you ever get frustrated when you just want to have a sit-do…Read More

  2. SaferNet’s Learning Community

    Parents, SaferNet is asking you to come forward and become a part of a really exciting learning community that we are starting to grow. The purpose of this learning community would be to unite you with other parents and share your experiences with parental controls, internet safety, and parenting in general. We understand the struggles of being a parent, a good majority of us at SaferNet have more…Read More

  3. Cyber Threats – What’s An Entourage and Why is it Dangerous?

    It’s no secret that advertising is everywhere, and unavoidable. However, advertising to your children is a market that has been brought to light recently. “It is estimated that advertisers spend more than $12 billion per year to reach the youth market and that children view more than 40,000 commercials each year.” $12 BILLION. No wonder there are so many ads on your kids’ favorite apps, or…Read More

  4. Anywhere Protection – Keeping Your Kids Safe Outside of Home

    It’s no lie that kids are constantly put in danger daily due to the use of online chats with strangers. Unfortunately, the statistics of children and teens meeting up with strangers from the internet are going up, and the percentage of children sharing this information with their parents is not just going down, but almost non-existent. The result of not taking internet precautions with your chil…Read More

  5. Sextortion – The New Blackmail Spiraling Out of Control

    Amanda Todd was like every other 15-year-old teenage girl. She wanted to make new friends online. The friendly chats went a bit further when one of her friends asked her to show her breasts on camera. This is when Amanda made a mistake – complying to the request of an “online friend” she had never met in person. Not long after, she began to be blackmailed by that person demanding more reveal…Read More

  6. Careful What Those Little Eyes See!

    Parental Control Is Not An Option Anymore. Doggy. Your 6-year-old innocently types this word on Google hoping to get nice, cute images for her project. Yes, those cute, fuzzy canines with their heart-melting eyes pop up on the screen entertaining your child for several couple of minutes. Videos make her even happier. “But hey, what’s this video? Let me see” and the child is horrified to see …Read More

  7. Social Media Guide for Parents: Take the Matter Into Your Own Hands

    Thanks to your consent (or none), the kids are on social media. How do you know if they’re accessing an adult website or not? They might be clever enough to delete history. A bigger concern – are the devices being used by you and your children safe from external threats? Take the matter into your own hands by securing your cyberspace from any kind of threat: Protect Against Cyber Attacks Smart…Read More

  8. Parental Control Tips for Parents

    Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month! SaferNet is sharing our best parental control tips with you to ensure the safety of your children. Consider this: 67% of teenagers say they know how to hide what they do online from parents (Source: Pew Research Center). 10% have unlocked parental controls to disable filtering (Source: Pew Research Center). Children are getting smarter. Stay one step …Read More

  9. Keeping Kids Safe Online: A Must-Read Guide for Parents

    Sorry Parents: You have a new job at hand. A critical job! And that’s to keep your kids safe online. Yes, protecting your kids from the “bad elements” in the real world is not enough. Online world is bigger, meaner, and scarier. And protecting your kids from all online dangers, be it predators, threats like cyberbullying, pornography or child trafficking, now falls upon your shoulders. No, w…Read More

  10. How to Install SaferNet to Your iPhone and iOS Devices

    How to Install SaferNet to Your iPhone To download SaferNet to your iOS Device, first go to https://app.safernet.com/download/  in your preferred internet browser.  2. Next, click on the button that says “Download On The App Store”. or simply go to… https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.widefi.safernet  3. In the Apple App Store, click the “GET” Button and then click “IN…Read More