SaferNet was created by parents for parents to help you deal with the rapidly changing challenges the internet introduces daily.

Personal Private Network:

SaferNet offers a triple shield protection that uses bank-level encryption security through our VPN Technology to protect your identity and block cyber predators.


Our second layer of protection is through our partnership with Webroot, the global leader in cybersecurity, by blocking Malware, Botnets, Ransomware, and providing eighty-four age-appropriate content filters for you to easily manage – we did the majority of the work for you.

Parental Controls:

Our third layer of protection is YOU managing our easy to use “Best in Class” Parental Control dashboard – built in the cloud – and accessible on all your devices. Giving you the ability to Monitor, Control, and Protect your loved ones and putting you in control of the daily challenges of the internet. Helping you become a Guardian of the Internet!